It's time to leave the selling culture behind and turn to a serving culture instead. Let's set a WHOLISTIC GOAL together to differentiate your business and relationships in this crazy world of ours!

We help you drive GROWTH (revenue) by BUILDING A BETTER EXPERIENCE.

It used to mean...

The sum of all expectations and touchpoints that make up a customer’s journey with your brand, product, or service.

Now it also means...

What can I do to survive and keep my customers?

It’s not enough to have an idea.

You must know how to execute it in a meaningful and impactful way to drive ADOPTION AND LOYALTY.

Put simply... keeping your customers happy at all points of their journey with you.

Secret Shopping Stays a Secret

EVOKE secret shops your business (regardless of industry), your competitor, or both; however, we do not fill out a basic standard list. We approach the secret shops with years of hospitality, travel, and consulting experience where each and every moment of the experience is logged. We focus on service timing, employee training, customer interactions, ease-of-use with your brand or service, brand-specific service standards that need to be observed, general guest satisfaction, and all the little things that make a great experience but cannot always be put on a checklist.

Once we complete the secret shop, we write a full report and analysis of what we saw as well as include recommendations, such as training programs, staff recommendations, and customer experience ideas.

We conduct both on-site and remote research on trends or your current competitive set. We spend time in your business to understand every angle of it for you from the outsiders' perspective.

Not sure what your competitors in the area are doing, serving, or selling? No problem. We will secret shop them too and give you the report. If you have an interest in the latest trends for your industry, food, beverage, experience, or anything else, we can research those for you and send a complete trend report customized for you. We love data and we love observing!

remote research and spending time in the office

The whole reason we do any of the above is to reach a conclusion and create feasible and trainable processes within your company that impact the customer experience overall. We create and implement processes unique to you.

Are you a service provider? Nothing is more important than the selling processes followed by the relationship management of your service. Do not make the mistake of thinking customer experience does not matter to you.

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