We handle high-end gifting and promotional products. We create the items that showcase your brand and stay with the customer for a long time to come. Yes - also do all the branded stuff for your business, such as apparel, printing, brand identity, etc., but we also specialize in finding the creative and unique products that truly embody your unique brand.


We are the only distributor that has worked in sales, as event planners, managed marketing departments, worked internally in brand marketing teams and focuses on STRATEGY FIRST from experience.

Branded products help get your company name out visibly in the open. Oftentimes these products end up in the home, office or car, and are always seen by the person receiving them.

Aside from gifted items, it is important that your brand is visibly strong and consistent in all engagements with your customers. For example, employees should have branded apparel, laptop bags, notebooks/note pads, beautiful business cards, branded pens (for using and handing out), branded letterhead, etc.

When purchasing items from a distributor, such as EVOKE, your costs for branded wholesales items/supplies is not much more or even the SAME as going into a commercial store for unbranded items. Let's get your brand out there!

  • Apparel
  • Office Supplies
  • Employee Appreciation or Onboarding Gifts
  • Customer Appreciation or Onboarding Gifts
  • Swag for Trade Shows
  • Swag for Events (such as Golf Tournaments)
  • Holiday Gifting
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Event Supplies

People keep promotional products!

The average promotional product is kept for about 8 months and up to 15 months!

Special gifts to customers or employees go a LONG way. Gifting programs help you remember special occasions while letting us handle the details of it.

We ask questions about the receivers and we provide you with gift ideas to choose from. We can personalize most gifts (and brand them) as well as manage the entire process from ideas to packaging for final delivery.

You do not have to worry about anything other than picking what you like. We can also manage a birthday or referral program for you, where we pick out the chosen gift item together then EVOKE takes it from there, sending it out as needed.

Sure… you can go search the internet or go window shopping for your gifts, but why not leave it to us? The cost is the same to you, but the stress is completely gone.

  • Holidays
  • Birthday Program
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Special Celebratory Occasions or Milestones
  • Referral or Thank You Programs
  • Incentives

83% of Consumers

are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product.

Unique swag (apparel, products, gifts) can provide your business with an additional revenue stream, whether through in-person or online sales.

If you have a fun brand, such as a bar, restaurant, or liquor brand, you can sell swag to your loyal customers for not only additional revenue but also for building brand ambassadors that wear your brand around proudly.

Think of this not just as FREE ADVERTISING from your walking brand ambassadors but rather that they are paying you to advertise for you!

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Beverage Companies
  • Consumer-Driven Service Companies
  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • ANY AND ALL Events & Festivals

56% of People

keep custom T-shirts for two or more years because of their attractiveness.

If you send us your needs and budgets, we will send you ideas and pull samples.

However, if you are anything like us and want to see what's out there yourself, visit the brand shop below.

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